As each person’s needs, resources and expectations are different, Serras Senior Transitions consults with each client (or designated family member) to discuss our services and establish an overall move plan. We take into consideration any physical restrictions or emotional reservations so the transition and move day will be smooth and stress free. We offer the following list of services to all of our clients:

Floor plan
Serras Senior Transitions can develop and create an individualized floor plan that will eliminate any questions concerning what items will comfortably fit into the new residence. Additionally, each client will be able to see how their new home will look PRIOR to moving a single item.

With our caring and compassionate staff by their side, Serras Senior Transitions can aid each client with sorting through their treasures and possessions, assist in making and facilitating decisions about what should be moved, donated, sent to family or liquidated. Serras Senior Transitions can help clean out the home areas that overwhelm most people when they think about relocating, such as the garage, attic or storage closets.

Our experienced staff has received extensive training to enable them to provide a professional packing service to ensure that all treasures arrive safe and sound. Serras Senior Transitions provides all the necessary materials including boxes, shrink wrap, packing tape, bubble wrap, even wardrobe boxes for the hanging clothes.

The move will be handled by our own licensed, bonded, uniformed and insured employees. We do not outsource your move to a third party. Serras Senior Transitions is the moving company. Our unique training and quality assurance programs guarantee even the most concerned senior, a positive moving experience.

Unpacking & Set-Up
Serras Senior Transitions offers a complete unpacking and new residence set-up service. With all the boxes unpacked, beds made, closets organized, pictures hung, electronics hooked up (including computer, television, stereo, lamps and alarm clock), a transitioning senior and family can relax with the knowledge that their home is move-in ready for them to enjoy the very first night!

Don’t throw it away! Those unwanted items can be profitably liquidated through our vast network of resources including estate auctions, consignment stores, estate sales, even online auctions. From dishes to linens, cars to furniture, even tools from the garage, Serras Senior Transitions can help! More often than not, the sale of these items can subsidize the costs of downsizing and relocating which can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, any out of pocket expense.

Residential Clean Out Service
We offer our clients a complete clean out service of their former residence. Serras Senior Transitions can haul away unwanted items or garbage, have the home professionally cleaned, make minor repairs, even pressure wash and paint in preparation for the sale or rental of the property.

Additional Services
Serras Senior Transitions offers many additional services including, but not limited to; automobile and golf cart transportation, realtor referrals, forwarding of prescriptions, change of address forms, and transfer utility and phone services. We can also coordinate the storage or shipment of items that do not fit in the new residence. Serras Senior Transitions embodies the phrase “one call gets it all” for seniors and their families when transitioning to a new home.