We at Serras Senior Transitions are occasionally asked why someone should consider our services over hiring a traditional moving company. We would like to offer you a clear and decisive answer to this and other questions you may have. We encourage you to contact us with any additional concerns or questions that may not be listed below.

Q: What is a Senior Move Management Company?
A: Simply put, we are a moving professional that specializes in assisting older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of downsizing and relocation.

Q: Why should I hire Serras Senior Transitions over a traditional moving company?
A: From our initial consultation, through time spent floor-planning, downsizing, packing and un-packing, as well as the move itself, all work is performed completely in-house by our own licensed, bonded, uniformed, trained and insured employees. Traditional movers are not familiar with the particular needs of seniors, and often outsource using day laborers to get your job done.

Q: Can you help me determine what I can fit into my new smaller home?
A: Absolutely we can. Serras Senior Transitions can develop and create an individualized floor plan that will determine without question what items will comfortably fit in your new smaller space. This process also ensures that adequate spaces are maintained, allowing for safe passage throughout your new home.

Q: What am I going to do with the items left behind?
A: With our vast resources available, we can help turn your unwanted items into cash. Additionally, if you have something you want to give to family, send to your local church or favorite charity, Serras Senior Transitions will help.

Q: Is this going to cost more than if I were to do things myself?
A: We encourage our clients and their families to actively participate in the relocation process, although our clients usually find that the cost and aggravation associated with moving themselves far exceeds the cost to hire Serras Senior Transitions. Additionally, the amount our clients save in the physical and emotional tolls of moving is… PRICELESS!

Q: My family is going to assist me with all of the packing and unpacking, can I hire you as the mover only?
A: Of course you can. We would be honored with the opportunity to work with you, regardless of how much assistance we provide during your relocation.

Q: I am out of state but I need to get my parents moved to a retirement community. Do I need to be there during the relocation process?
A: Frequently we act as a liaison between the senior community, our clients and their out of state families. Throughout the entire relocation process we will keep you current and up to date with phone calls, emails and even digital pictures so it is not necessary for you to be present.

Q: How much time in advance should I be scheduling your company prior to my relocation?
A: That is completely up to you. Depending on your needs, desires, limitations and circumstances, we would suggest you not wait to the last minute. Downsizing a home is a lengthy process even with our expert guidance, so the sooner the process begins, the sooner the weight can be lifted from your shoulders.